About Us

Collaborative, creative, and goal-driven: that's Valere Venture. A cross-border investor and transformer focused on investing and empowering innovative medical and other technologies.

Company Growth

Valere Venture (VV) doesn't stop at capital investment itself - with its exceptional knowledge base, seasoned team members, strong capital infusion, and profoundly rooted border connections, VV also assists its portfolio companies to the greatest extent.

What We Do

We assist our portfolio companies with the following:


We invest ourselves,  and at the same time, we usually syndicate with other capitals to inject capital together, if need be.

Intellectual Property/patents protection and CIFUS concern

With our stellar in-house legal and outside counsel team, we ensure our portfolio companies comply with all necessary legal rules and protect their intellectual property to the greatest extent.

Strategic partnership

We sometime work with our portfolio companies, to partner with the most potent strategic partners in US and/or Asia, in particular in Greater China Areas, including but not limited to local governments, industrial players, investment funds, CROs, contracted manufacturing etc.

Product classification and regulatory clearance

We bring immense value to our portfolio companies,  particularly when the companies are looking at global penetration. For instance, a class II 510K medical product with plenty of predicates in US may be classified as Class III in China as long as it goes into human body. Indication for Use and nuances of documentation is vital to get to the fastest regulatory clearance. Our in-house team and local regulatory partners will sort that out with ease and efficiency.

Clinical trial analysis and execution

Conducting clinical studies either for regulatory or post-marketing purposes is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, we help our portfolio companies to make this process more efficient, faster and less costly in local countries. For instance, it will be much quicker and less expensive to complete patient inclusion process in China due to China's population and patient numbers in hospitals.


We are closely connected with 50+ national hospitals, 100+ provincial and municipal hospitals, and 250+ local clinics in Asia, and will assist portfolio companies in various specialties if need be.

Manufacturing setup and running

We assist our portfolio companies to think strategically and long term in terms of reducing costs and improving efficiency. We can assist companies to set up manufacturing facilities overseas, possibly with strong local government support. We will ensure all facilities follow necessary certifications such as GMP, ISO 13485, and others.


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