About Us

Collaborative, creative, and goal-driven: that's Valere Venture. A cross-border investor and transformer focused on investing and empowering innovative medical and other technologies.

Capital Management

We are a venture fund based in Silicon Valley, US and extend to overseas, in particular in Asia. Meanwhile, we are partnering with our syndicate funds and investment bankers to build a platform where we could leverage resources with each other and syndicate investments to empower innovation.

Investment Philosophy

Benefits of Specialization

Specialization offers the surest path to the results we, and our LPs, seek. Thus, we focus on the things we are doing the best, i.e. medical innovation. Jointly, we provide years of experience in medical products R&D, regulatory, clinical, contracted manufacturing, financing and capital leverage. Our team collectively has had tremendous experiences from ideas to exists in medical technological innovation as well if we see the value.

Maximized Value Creation

We are trying to empower and equip the innovators whenever they need us. We have a vested interest in contributing to s startup's ability to create value, and will happily go the extra mile to make sure the startup thrives. But, of course, we don't often disrupt their operations and let them enjoy the rides themselves. At Valere Venture, we respect and appreciate the autonomy of the startup companies.

The Primacy of Risk Control

Our ultimate goal is not superior investment performance but superior performance with less-than-commensurate risk. The ways for us to mitigate the risks are multi-fold. First, we usually pick and choose companies with proven medical technology and products. The biggest risks normally lie in the early R&D phase. We evaluate heavily and cautiously on regulatory and clinical hurdles to ensure companies' timely access into the market. Further, we infuse our own resources into the invested companies, for instances, syndicate financings, KOLs, big industrial players, etc.

The beauty of International Angle

Nowadays we live in a global village - it doesn't matter where your company is physically located, you are part of the connected world. So we realize that a company can only achieve maximum valuation when it has a practical and proactive approach with its global operation. We are experts in doing that. For instance, for some US medical companies focusing only on the US market, obtaining a foreign FDA certification without spending much money means a boost in its valuation. Likewise, shifting part of the manufacturing to cost-efficient countries in Asia means a dramatic reduction in costs.


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